It is super fun to read and hear about stories that are breaking the stereotypes.

Gone are the days when “Gamer Girls” were a new fad in setting the bars and breaking the notions.

“GAMER GRANNY” will be the new vogue by 2020 in gaming. She is 82 yrs old modern age granny and hopefully might be the future for all the gamers out there.

Check out the video.

And she is not the only one, we also have ” GRANDMA GAMER” as well.

Shirley Curry aka Grandma Gamer who also owns her youtube channel having  280 K + Subscribers.

Now that’s what you call a SWAG!!.

Check out the video, you might get to see your future 30-40 years from now. ;);)

Stay tuned for more updates and  news on anything and everything about gaming.

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