With the onset of Monday kicking in, I plan to kick out the Monday blues by surfing for the games.

As promised last week, presenting the recently launched Mobile games from 13-19th May 2018.

The new bunch of launches has an element of Puzzle, Simulation and Arcade games.

Do read through let us know which one you would want us to review it for you.

So here we go!!

1.No Heroes Allowed:No Puzzles! (by SEAStories Studio)

Release Date:- 14 May 2018

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Dan Jiang

Platform: iOS

Price:- Free

App Description:

This game form PSV,with quirky pixel style, interesting plot,and reverse gaming experience,is sure to surprise you.
The legend is to be unearthed! Full of familiar bridges of RPG , the unique gamehero is too arrogant series, which is now full of hunting block, and is fully resurrected on the iPhone (iPad). The player must destroy the block with his pickel, so that he can summon the monster to fight backhero, who go closer to the puzzle. In addition, you cancatch the hero, dignew monster and magic objects, and evolution the monster Legion, with your original powerful Legion to deal with those who are too arrogant!

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 2.Volcano Towers

Release Date:- 13 May 2018

Genre: Arcade

Developer: Ori Brusilovsky

Platform: iOS and Android

Price:- Free

App Description:

Volcano Tower is an endless-platformer filled with clutch moments, fast-paced action and hard difficulty challenges.
You will attempt to avoid being smashed, burned or otherwise eliminated by obstacles falling (mostly) from above, as the volcano tower crumbles around you.
Volcano Tower tells the story of a remote peaceful tribe living in the shadow of an evil god who demands offerings brought to him, or he will unleash the power of the volcano upon the village. Guided by the tribes shaman Jakul, our masked tribesmen hero enters the cursed tower to fight the evil volcano god and return the stolen treasures.

Beautiful graphics and environments
Dodge burning bricks, fireballs and rising lava
Easy to learn, hard to master
Every new round is re-randomized and unique
Customize your look with funky hero skins and magical charms
Special power-ups and abilities for the taking
Hone your skills and enter the world leaderboards
Complete daring quests to win additional gold

How far can you go?



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3.Karaz‘s Conquest (by Lek Chan Games)

Release Date:- 16 May 2018

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Chan Chee Lek

Platform: iOS and Android

Price:- Free

App Description:

Karazs Conquest is a galaxy invasion simulation game presented in 16-bit pixel art visual.

The game is inspired by classic retro shooting games, except that the player is now playing as the aggressive invader rather than the righteous defender. Player will be cultivating alien being as fighting unit, arranging battle formation and defeating enemies on battle field.

Along the campaign, player can explore the universe freely, discover side quests, and collect space puzzle pieces. Upon conquering new planet, player can unlock new unit species or cabin supplies; allowing more advance unit evolution.

Veni, vidi, vici! Start invading now!

Game features:
– Vast galaxy exploration
– Fast pace battle
– 136 types of playable unit
– Battle formation customization
– Light-hearted storyline + side quests




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Drop in your comments, views and reviews about which game you have played or would like it to be reviewed.