Since the era of gaming- Endless runner games have always made its way. Be it Sky roads, Road Rash or even Temple run. They all have been heroes of their time. But there has to something different in the new wine.
Release Date:- 13 May 2018
Genre:- Arcade
Developer:- Ori Brusilovsky
Platform:- iOS and Android
Price:- Free
Well! Volcano Tower is one such endless runner game that has a landscape of a tower with angry face bricks crashing down to smash you up. While you are running to collect the gold coins, diamonds etc.
In the bargain of the collected wealth, you can get blessing, powers or even new costume to make our self-powerful.
I have been playing this game for nearly two days now and realized that it is quite addictive in the first hour and then gets repetitive later. Even though the quests and obstruction patterns keep varying with the passage of time. But I keep hunting for the variations that set this game apart from another.
The graphics of the game seem to be a bit similar to temple run or some known game.
The good aspect of the game is that the player can get browse through leaderboard to check their ranking without competing with other in the real time. Personal stats lets you know your total achievements so far.
Now, this may be the sad part of the game, once you die you also get Three chance (optional) on tapping on the blue heart else one can choose to see the ad to get another life. This game being free has comparatively less ad intrusive which again adds a brownie point in its kitty
Controls do not possess the dynamic actions they are ought to. This gives them a minus point.
Overall verdict: This game lacks the overall charm to keep hooked on. It seems interesting initially but feels like any other runner game.
Rating: 3/5
Keep gaming. I will be back soon with another gaming review.
Till then Adios! Amigos from Girl in the cafe