Have you ever imagined a gaming character which is Spooky and cute at the same time. If not then, FIEST is the adventure game for you…

Release Date:- 30 May 2018
Genre: Adventure
Developer/ Seller: Last Chance Media, LLC
Platform: Android and iOS
Price:- Free  and 27/- INR  after some stages

App Description:

Loftily awarded game, holds a story of a fragile cute fur like animal desperate to rescue from the forest. In his journey, he encounters numerous predators after his life. He has to pave his way out of the dense jungle eventually making him succeed.

The game has barely 4 controls making it too easy to adapt.
This game hold the child like charm of a handmade craft. At the same time keeps the atmosphere pretty tense for the player. The invigorating music adds to the stress.
The cinematic look of hazy green background and dark creatures add to the beauty of the game.Eventually this game builds on you, compelling to encounter the dangers of facing the raiders.

Even though Feist had made its debut on Playstation and Xbox couple of years back, it still hold the same charm on Mobile.
Getting four chances of survival in each turn feels like a breeze of fresh air in this adventure.

Easy controls is Bingo! But the Jump and Lift button placed too close is a No No!
I meant they hinder in the way of gaming experience.
With the stress adding on, player can also get little frustrated with getting no way out in the jungle.

My Verdict

Graphics:- 1
Engagement:- 0
Overall experience:- 1

Total Rating :- 35

With 3.5 stars would conclude by saying that this game will compel you to buy @27 /- INR (being the current price) after passing some stages.
So download the game at the below given link and get going with the tiny cute gory blob’s expedition.


Tell me about your experience with this Feisty Animal. Will be back to review another game soon.
Till then the girl in the café saying Ciao!!