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About Us

Let’s keep it simple! 

Gaming for us is a luxury, something that we enjoy in our spare time. We do not need a premise to talk about games, anything and everything is a conversation.

The aim of this site to expand these conversations and allow us to share our experiences and learn from the experiences of others. All posts on this site are from our own personal experiences with the world of gaming.

If you have something to say and would like us to post it, please send an article across to us on or

We will defiitely review the article and try to post it!

Disclaimer: All pictures used in posts on this site are the intellectual property of the original developers. We do not claim any rights on them whatsoever and do not intend to use them for personal gain in anyway. They have been added solely for representational purposes. If anyone has any issues with the content on this blog please do notify us.

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