During the 1980’s – 90’s Arcade gaming was at it’s pinnacle, with some really good games having come into existence. Almost 3 decades later, this genre is now rapidly seeing a revival on mobile platforms, and emerging as the choice of gaming genre for the masses.
“Frogger” was one such game developed in the 1981 by Konami and had a good fan following with its easy to use yet challenging interface.
Well “Crossy Road”  developed by Hipster Whale in 2015, available on Android and iOS platforms is one such adaptation of “Frogger” and it surely does not disappoint.
The game is definitely addictive, we will give the developers that!
Well, here’s our spotlight on this game from the desk of Girl in the Cafe for our “Mango Janta”.
Her forte is quickly becoming games that can be played easily become your go-to pick and play games at the drop of a hat!!
Name: Crossy Road
Developer: Hipster Whale
Genre: Arcade game
In-app purchases: Yes
Price Range: 55-1800 INR  per item
Game concept
This game is about various animated characters such as crow, pig, bird etc. All that the player has to do is – “Cross the roads”.
There are many obstacles along the way like cars, trucks, rivers and so on. The player has to keep hopping across these obstacles in a bit to “cross the road”. Along the way the player needs to collect coins marked with a “C” which are brownie points or in game currency. Each time you die the game offers you a new character or a “C” on unlocking the gift. Collecting 100 “C”s will allow you to introduce a new character.
In-app purchases also provide additional animated characters for playing. The characters that provided by the app are quite cute and adorable.
This is a block 3 D game with bright pastel colors, tempting you to continue to play the game. There is a change in the theme with every character that you pick to play. The look of the game is an eye pleaser, especially if you are a Lego fan.
A serious advantage of the game is you can hold your phone in one hand, which works with the tap of your finger
It also gives the shot ( like a repeat telecast) as to how the player has lost a life. The player can then share this as a “failed” picture on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other platforms making the competition amongst friends intense.
The sound effects are pleasing and engrossing. Thus compelling one to play the game  again and again in the loop.
 This game gives us the liberty to play in any orientation thus adds to the overall fun.
Crossy roads justify the joy of jumping across the road, along with the impact felt on being hit by the obstacle.

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Even though this is a simple arcade game, it would need minor strategy in order to survive as long as possible
It does not have too many annoying advertisements in the shuffle which is a positive side.
“Crossy Roads” will fun for the 10+ age kids as well. It can be downloaded the parents to set great bonding and enhance the reflexes of the kid.
Is if this game for adults. Well maybe, maybe not.
If you are a console or a PC gamer well, best if you stayed away, else like this game you may end up in an endless rant about how old fashioned this game is. (Yes you guessed it coming from personal experience).
Else this endless arcade can be your choice of distraction while traveling or to kill time.
But in my call, this 74 MB 3D game deserves the space on your mobile screen.
Sharing the below link for the quick download.
♥♥♥♥- 4/5
That’s all for now, will be back soon with another gaming spotlight.  Do download and tell me about your experience with the game.
Till then this is Girl in the café signing off. Adios! Amigos!